Tailored Employee Whistleblower Hotline Services

Make sure you implement an Ethical Report System with report reception and case management. By doing so you can monitor your business through the eyes of your employees, partners, providers and customers.

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Main Services within the Ethical Report System

Ethical Report Hotline

Are the means your employees, partners, providers and customers can use to report cases that violate the ethical codes and/or internal policies, which will help you identify potential dangers in a timely way.

Ethical Report Software

It is a comprehensive solution on line that allows you to capture, review, solve cases and analytical scenarios in real time. You can manage cases using all the available devices and get notifications on important events.

Case Management

We provide executives dedicated to case tracking, report generation and business intelligence, using all the information captured in the Ethical Report Software.

Awareness Campaigns

We create, spread and implement awareness ethics campaigns for companies employees, providing elements to educate the interest groups in order to keep them informed about the goals and capabilities of the system.

About EthicsGlobal

We are experts in designing, developing and implementing solutions reporting systems, risk analysis and business intelligence for organizations.

EthicsGlobal is a trailblazer Company in America in anonymous Ethical Report Hotlines, with over 12 years’ experience implementing successful systems in more than 15 other countries.
We are the first Company to offer a customized service according to individual business needs, incorporating the newest technologies to our platforms at the appropriate time to achieve service excellence.
We have Information Technology, Business Intelligence and Communications experts in our staff.
EthicsGlobal is a solution consisting of a series of services aligned with your company’s goals regarding protection of its reputation


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